Social PRide: Better Business Visibility

Social PRide

Social PRide is a service bundle designed to integrate several aspects of social media and networking to build meaningful customer relationships.

The bundle includes:

  • Creation/management of social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Social networking content strategy that aligns marketing and sales content with customer needs
  • Content research and distribution of updates relevant to your business/niche
  • Social strategy and social community management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Personalized interactions based on customer needs and social profiles
  • Relevant brand information updates
  • Brief monthly reporting on progress and statistics

Social PRide social media bundle is designed to help small hotel chains, and independent hotel owners, as well as digital travel startups, and other businesses in the industry, quickly interact with guests, customers, and travelers who are seeking information on social networks, and make purchase decisions based on social network interactions.

Monthly cost of 500 € for a minimum 6-month contract. Additional services and any out of pocket expenses will be agreed to ahead of time and billed separately.

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