Creative PRide

Creative PRide entails a professionally prepared multimedia press release.

It includes company presentation, service (product) description, screenshots, and other rich media content. The service also includes a full on promotional push by our PR team with media and blogger outreach.

  • Multimedia press release writing
  • Press release distribution (Google News, Yahoo!News, etc.)
  • 5 editorial placements on industry-related sites and blogs (each rendition 100% unique)
  • Social media push and influencer outreach
  • Reports and analysis.

Journalists are no longer the media. The media comprises now every single path that carries a news message: from trademarked publications to personal blogs, from live-streaming tools like FriendFeed to microblogging platforms like Twitter, from social networks to bookmarking sites and beyond. The new media is dynamic, constantly changing, engaging, interactive and collaborative. With Creative PRide you can reach the new media timely and effectively, becoming part of the conversation, engaging your targeted audiences in meanigful ways, and gaining the notoriety you deserve.

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Hot this month: Social PRide

Our January best seller, Social PRide, is a service bundle designed to integrate several aspects of social media and networking to build meaningful customer relationships.

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For as little as $1,200/month the bundle includes:

  • Creation/management of up to three social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Social networking content strategy that aligns marketing and sales content with customer needs
  • Content research and distribution of updates relevant to your business/niche
  • Social strategy and social community management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Personalized interactions based on customer needs and social profiles
  • Relevant brand information updates
  • Brief monthly reporting on progress and statistics
  • AdRoll: creation of banners, monitoring and reporting - monthly

There are good PR firms, there are large PR firms, and then there’s Pamil Visions, a boutique company that offers tailored public relations services, designed exclusively for your hospitality business.

Pamil Visions PR has been building and maintaining trusted relationships with social media influencers, journalists, bloggers, freelancers and personalities since 2005. As online PR changed, we adapted to serve tourism and hospitality businesses with the professionalism and integrity they deserve. We know what works, and what is hype, and provide complete, integrated public relations and social media campaigns that target the right audiences: your guests.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, and what we can do to grow your business.